Alexis Alonso and Jorge Pardo, a river of emotions…

A fresh new journey, great compositions and incredible musical dialogue, every night is a magical experience… Poetic music.

Three projects on tour in 2022-23

  • “Love in Floating Bridges” new piano solo with two guest stars: Jorge Pardo and Marco Mezquida
  • “OUT” new Alexis Alonso Quartet album. Guests Stars: Seamus Blake, Ralph Alessi & Pedrito Martínez.
  • Alexis Alonso & Jorge Pardo -“Maires” It is the name of the album by Alexis Alonso and the legendary flutist and saxophonist Jorge Pardo, it is made up of their own, unpublished and magical repertoire recorded during the “La Vida en el Agua 2022” (Life in the Water) tour and which will be released at the end of 2023.