Alexis Alonso and Jorge Pardo (Promo)

The renowned Canarian pianist and composer Alexis Alonso joins one of the greatest jazz and flamenco legends in Spain, Jorge Pardo, creating an intimate duet show where sensitivity, strength and emotion emanate from the first note.

The germ of this union is in the collaboration of Jorge Pardo in one of the themes of Alexis Alonso’s latest solo piano album, “Love in Floating Bridges”, where the brilliance of the flautist and saxophonist from Madrid accompanies the beauty of the compositions of Alexis Alonso and his magic on piano.

Alexis Alonso and Jorge Pardo present a close and moving concert, giving life to a show that surprises with an attempt to transcend the music itself. Each theme is a story that makes its way, an experience, art …

Single LA VIDA EN EL AGUA (Life in Water)

“La Vida en el Agua” (Life in Water) joined Jorge Pardo and Alexis Alonso in a project where both flow in a positive way. This duo of artists came to this conclusion after understanding that something truly special had been born with their musical union. Now is the time to share all that emotion and beauty with the public.

Alexis Alonso and Jorge Pardo have designed a repertoire that embarks the audience on a journey through the creativity of two committed creators. On this journey, the musicians make a very special bet that the public can be impregnated forever.


One of the most relevant figures in world jazz and flamenco. Madrid’s Jorge Pardo has shared the stage from Camarón to Gil Goldstein.

Jorge Pardo received on January 15, 2013 at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris the Award for Best European Jazz Musician, by the prestigious French Academy of Jazz.

Jorge was awarded on October 27, 2015 with the “National Prize for Current Music” awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.


The Tenerife pianist is starring in one of the most notable irruptions in recent years on the Spanish jazz scene

With a career that made its leap to the public light in the world of composition for soundtracks, Alexis Alonso surprised everyone in 2014 with the publication of his first solo piano album, “El Paisaje” (The Landscape) with great public success and criticism that was followed by “The Birth of Time” (2016), which took a further step by being presented in London with a magnificent reception.

In 2018 he published the first album with his own quartet (Alexis Alonso Quartet) entitled “In” which was followed by “Jamboree Live 19” (a live album selected by the legendary Barcelona club as one of the most outstanding performances of the year) and “Out ”(2020) where three world jazz superstars collaborate, such as Seamus Blake, Ralph Alessi and Pedrito Martínez.

With Alexis Alonso Quartet and his peculiar sound (it includes a cello), the trajectory of the Tenerife pianist has only grown and grown and has been recognized with several important nominations (Min Madrid Awards 2019, Canary Music Awards 2019 …)

With “Love in Floating Bridges” (2021) and his duet project with Jorge Pardo, Alexis Alonso returns to a more intimate environment that, together with his work with his quartet, shows a wide color palette that is supported by the affection of the public and the applause from the specialized press.


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