Alexis Alonso Quartet

Alexis Alonso Quartet presents the multimedia contemporary jazz show from new album entitled “IN”, where you can enjoy a band with an original line-up and the highest level, the sensitivity of the great cellist Ciro Hernández, the versatility and talent of Agustín Buenafuente on the double bass and one of the best drummers of the current jazz scene, Roberto Amor. This great cocktail has navigated through the compositions of Alexis Alonso and his piano magic resulting in an authentically wonderful work also supported by the visual component by the prestigious Spanish filmmakers , José Alberto Delgado and África Hernández.

The band itself has defined “IN” as “A humble attempt to capture what is hidden under the surface of things.”

“IN” has received numerous recognitions even before being born being selected by several foundations and festivals (Sgae Foundation, Mapfre Foundation, Sofar SoundsNaturaJazz Festival, Up&Down Festival and Wine&Jazz Festival among others). After the publication of “IN”, the great success of the prestigious International Festival CANARIAS JAZZ Y MÁS HEINEKEN 2018 and the legendary JAMBOREE JAZZ in Barcelona in addition to his 4 candidatures to the prestigious Min Awards 2019 and to the programming in important venues such as Sala Clamores in Madrid in 2019.

Alexis Alonso is one of the most unusual musicians in the contemporary scene and jazz. He began his career in the field of rock (May Day and Siglo XXI) and jazz (Nine Seconds Quartet) while developing his work as a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, which led him to be nominated in 2015 to the best soundtrack of the short film “Nocturno” at the prestigious international festival Fimucité.

From 2012 to the present, and after a tragic personal event, his music is transformed into feelings through which he has composed two solo piano albums. “El Paisaje” (Piano Melodies for Adrián) y “The Birth of Time”, which highlights the ability of this musician to convey feelings both with his great melodies and with his exciting improvisations. This musical adventure of the Tenerife musician has been It is unanimously blessed by public and critics both nationally and internationally as demonstrated by its success in such important places as London.

The posthumous tribute to actress Carrie Fisher, “Carrie Fisher Last Flight” has been the last piano gift-only in the form of a video-single that Alexis Alonso has made in 2018.

Both Alexis Alonso and Alexis Alonso Quartet in their concerts straddling jazz and contemporary music embark the listener in an adventure that will surely always be remembered.


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