Alexis Solo

The story of Alexis Alonso (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 31/01/1974) is one of the most unusual in the landscape of contemporary music and jazz. He began his career in the field of rock (May Day, Siglo XXI) and jazz (Nine Seconds Quartet) then moving to develop his work as composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist in Tenerife, Spain. Composed numerous soundtracks for cinema and advertising emphasizing by its elegance and extreme beauty…

In 2012 Alexis Alonso’s life takes a turn marked by the tragedy, his son Adrian died unexpectedly at the age of three years marking a before and an after for the trajectory of the Spanish musician. Quickly took note that needed to transform into music what happened inside and decides to embark on the adventure of composing an album only for piano. The result of this work is “El Pasaje” (Piano Melodies for Adrian, Vol. 1) (2014). This album is unanimously acclaimed by the critics in Spain and means brilliant takeoff of Alexis as a composer and solo pianist’s career. The subsequent tour highlights the capacity of Alexis Alonso to transmit feelings with their exciting improvisations both large melodies that attached to his undeniable personal charm give each of their concerts an unforgettable life experience for the audience.

After his nomination in 2015 to the best short film score at the prestigious Fimucité festival for the soundtrack of “Nocturno”. In 2016 he published “The Birth of Time” the second and last part of the “Piano Melodies for Adrian” I work with which aims to conquer the international market and that perfectly defines her own words…

With “The Birth of Time” I intend to share a “magical” journey, from the very moment where  your universe explodes and you stop feeling the ground beneath your feet until you start to see an inner light that guides you silently with the help of wonderful beings … challenging the concept of “time”, connecting you with the universe, with the past and the future … but above all to the present. As in every journey of discovery must overcome great challenges and you must overcome defeat fears summoning all our courage to keep going. In my case the piano and its incredible sound carries me to the most amazing places you could dream reminding me how much love we have inside and what a privilege it is to share it with the persons we love, even though they might not be with us.” (Alexis Alonso, January 2016)

 “The Birth of Time” shows Alexis Alonso in all his splendor, halfway between jazz and contemporary music is amazing at all levels work, the emotion of his music shipped to the listener in one adventure that surely saved in memory…

In addition to continuing his career as solo pianist, Alexis Alonso is leading a new project that is enjoying a great success in all stages, it’s his band “Alexis Alonso Quartet” whose first album titled, “IN” (2018) and has a luxury line-up: Ciro Hernández (cello), Roberto Amor (drums) and Agustín Buenafuente (contrabass).

After the publication of “IN”, the album has received numerous support in the world of jazz at the highest level including presences at international festivals (Canarias Jazz and Más Heineken …) and in venues of great importance in Europe ( Jamboree Jazz / Barcelona, Sala Clamores / Madrid …) as well as 4 candidatures for the Min Awards including the “best jazz album of the year”.

“Alexis Alonso Quartet is a bet for emotion, for the importance and value of themes at a compositional level, as well as a look inside, towards the best we have and the chance to share and improvise about it …” (Alexis Alonso, February 2019)