Roberto Amor (Drums) BIO

L. Roberto Amor Deniz is a natural drummer from Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

Self-taught, he starts playing in popular dance music formations combining with pop and rock groups.

He works with musicians of different styles, opening the doors to new influences that demand more demand as an interpreter.

In this way he enters these styles starting his training at the Workshop of Jazz and Modern Music at the Municipal School of Music of Tegueste.

From this moment he began to insist on his specialization as a jazz drummer through the various seminars of the Canary Jazz Festival.

He studied classical percussion at the Private Conservatory of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, but soon gave up to dedicate himself fully to the improvement of the drums.

It is then when he begins to accompany a multitude of singer-songwriters both in live performances and in recordings, acquiring great experience both in live performances and in the demanding studio sessions.

After a few years he joined the Big Band of René González renowned trumpeter from Tenerife and it is in this formation where everything really begins.

Performances as jazz drummer in trio, quartet, quintet … and different jazz bands, under the seal of Alexis Alonso, Chiqui Pérez, Jonay Martín, Esther Ovejero, Kike Perdomo and the Big Band of the Canary Islands among many others.

In a moment like this one of a great volume of work with infinity of presentations with diverse artists of equally diverse musical sorts, it decides to travel in several occasions to the USA to receive classes with drummers of reputation such as Daniel Freedman, Ari Hoenig, Phoenix Rivera, In the City of NY goes to the musical events that the city offers, nourishing itself on the peculiarities of jazz in its city “headquarters”.

Nowadays he has a varied curriculum, since his versatility as a drummer and percussionist has allowed him to tackle works with artists such as Chago Melian, Josefina Alemán, José Vélez, Yull Ballesteros and Albert Bover, without forgetting the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and Michel Camilo or with the percussion duo Tuópali and the Big Band of Canarias.